Kaijyu Mask, 2019

Kaijyu mask at SEE:DS Gallery during LDF19 in London, UK. 2019
Photography by James Harris

Robot Shelf 2019

Robot Shelf at SEE:DS Gallery during LDF19 in London, UK. 2019
Photography by James Harris

Mikadosan, 2019

Mikadosan Dining chair for SEE:DS Gallery London, UK. 2019

Mobile 2018

Mobile for Momosan Shop in London, UK. 2018

Hato Vases I – III, 2018

Hato Vases I – III ” in London, UK. 2018 photography: James Harris

Sakura, 2017

Product design for "Kobayashi Kobayashi” in London, UK. 2017

Mikadokun & Mikadochan, 2017

Maker/designer Rio Kobayashi created an easy chair and a table/stool inspired by the Mikado table game. This game is also known as pick-up-sticks and it is made by colourfully painted wooden sticks. The game seems to be Japanese but has its name and worldwide fame from a clever company which invented the name in the 20th century in Europe. Japanese people have mostly never heard of this game at all. Rio Kobayashi plays with clichés existing in the so-called East and West. London, UK

Photography: James Harris

Night Lie, 2017

wood working expert for Taro Izumi for Night Lie 2017 at gallery Vallois Paris, France. Photography: © George Philippe & Nathalie Vallois Gallery

Pan, 2017

Project management and wood working expert for “Pan Taro Izumi” at Palais de Tokyo in Paris. France. 2017 Photography: Shoichiro Kawashima and André Morin

Arts on Crafts, 2016

Crafts Expert for “Arts on Crafts” at Georg Oehler Design in London, UK. Photography: Georg Oehler

Back Ahead, 2016

Project Leader for “Back Ahead - New Austrian design perspective” at Georg Oehler Design in Milan. Italy 2016 Photography: Laura Fantacuzzi and Maxime Galati Fourcade

Salone in Roppongi, 2016

Project management for “Salone in Roppongi" in Tokyo Midtown in Tokyo. Japan. 2016 Photography: ©️A.KONDO

Kotatsu, 2015

KOTATSU Japanese low Table with heater Berlin, Germany 2015. Photography: Joji Wakita

JANA Shelf, 2014

JANA Shelf in Berlin, Germany. Photography: Joji Wakita

Out to Lunch, 2015

Retail Design and fabrication for Out to Lunch in Porto, Portugal. Photography: Pedro Passos

Ricchione, 2013

Logos and Graphics for Riccione Architects in Innsbruck, Austria. Photography: Stefan Oehlinger